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Super low maintenance indoor garden for inner city living. Water once every few months and watch the plant grow. Perfect for indoor low light homes/offices.

What is a Terrarium?
A terrarium is an enclosed, transparent environment with a collection of small plants that illustrates on a small scale how our natural environment’s ecosystem works. It acts like a mini rainforest, working on the principles of condensation, evaporation, and precipitation. This demonstrates how the water cycle works, passing from liquid to gas, and back to liquid again. So, the soil in a terrarium needs to be carefully balanced to ensure the water cycle stays active. It’s a self-perpetuating micro-climate in action.
To maximise the sustainability of our terrariums, we have made our very own soil mixtures,
guaranteeing a long-term creation that will last. These soil recipes consist of balanced ingredients that have been tested and researched for many years, allowing us to adjust pH levels as required. As specialist terrarium makers, we ensure our soil has the best nutrient levels for enclosed terrarium ecosystems.

Terrariums can bring all kinds of life. A variety of insects can live inside the micro-ecosystem, and will live their natural life cycle.
Terrariums are a great way to garden indoors, especially if you live a busy lifestyle or you are away often. Being low maintenance and clean, a terrarium adds a beautiful living design element to any room that has natural, indirect sunlight.

terrarium sizing (H = Height, W = Width)
micro H15cm W13cm 1 plant
mini H29cm W17cm 1 to 2 plants
eco H35cm W20cm 2 to 3 plants
tropic H40cm W15cm 3 plants
terra H40cm W20cm 4 plants
terra platinum H40cm W20cm 5 plants with driftwood

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